Ridiculous cramming on my phone that customer service refused to refund!

  • 19 February 2022
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Reviewing my bills for the year and found that Sprint/Tmobile is once again cramming a charge on my bill for $9.99 over 6 months, for a service I never signed up for, never authorized, and never used. I originally caught it last year when my wife received a suspicious text reminder, called customer service, asked them to cancel and refund me, and they said they would.

What they did instead was refund me only for that month, the full amount of $9.99. They said they’d refund all months and did not. Today I find out, call customer service, and they haggle with my like a used car salesman to give me only $20, then make their last and final offer of $30!

Why would I be refunded in full for 1 month, but not 6 months? What is this garbage? This is illegal, outrageous, and a scam. Sprint was already sued for cramming, now T-Mobile’s gonna get it too.

I am a 10+ year customer, out of contract and own my phone. T-Mobile needs to make this right immediately, otherwise I’m leaving for good and going PREPAID where charges cannot be added anytime you guys decide you want to rip me off. Refund my money!

3 replies

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Unfortunately in Tmobile's terms and conditions we all agreed to there's a section on billing disputes where Tmobile will only refund up to 90 days or 3 months.




T-Mobile can do anything they want, it’s their company. A company can fix any problem they want to fix for their clients, it only needs to be escalated to the people who have authorization to fix things.

In this case they’ve already gone beyond their policy by refunding me 4 months out of 6 months, one month for the initial dispute in August and three months’ worth today. $60 was stolen from me, $40 has been refunded.

This is cramming, this is illegal, and Sprint was already sued (and lost) for this fraudulent behavior. Now I’m with T-Mobile and they’re going down the same road. You guys need to refund my money.


After chatting for 20 minutes on FB messenger, TMobile’s customer relations violated their own billing disputes policy and refunded me the remaining amount I was owed. While my time was being wasted, I reported them to the FTC.

Refunding the customers who complain doesn’t refund the customers who don’t. Cramming is illegal and a quick online search of “Sprint Cramming CFBP” will outline exactly what was done on my account, and likely the accounts of thousands of other unsuspecting TMobile customers.