SIM Moved Prematurely to S23 Pre-Order

  • 7 February 2023
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After a debacle pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra at its rollout last week (see thread “Samsung S23 Pre-Order Problem Through Samsung”), now a new problem--my SIM was moved from my current phone to the new one, even though it won’t arrive for 10 more days. Discovered only when I couldn’t get text messages to go and finally received a notice I had no network connection.

A knowledgeable T-Mobile agent (5 stars to her!) agreed my hypothesis is likely because of the timing--that it was part of the nightmarish S23 ordering process. But she cautioned me to watch my accounts because there’s been a problem with hijacked SIMs to gain banking and other information.

Has anyone else experienced this?

1 reply


Yes, this happened to me yesterday. I was alerted to the problem when I got an email letting my know my new SIM was activated and ready to use. I called T Mobile and, thankfully, ended up with a really nice guy who was able to resolve the issue in 15 minutes (including the time to wait to reboot my phone).  He said he thought it was some glitch that the Samsung pre order triggered a premature SIM card change.