SMS Voicemail Link Service:  what is this?

  • 22 August 2017
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iPhone 7+.

Ios 10.3.3


I have apples visual voicemail service active. However recently I just started getting text messages with voicemail transcription as well however I do not have voicemail to text service active on my line. When I  tap the phone number link in the text message with the transcription of the Voice Mail it takes me to a phone number that answers with "welcome to the SMS link service." That phone number is one digit different every time I get a text message with a voicemail transcription. What is this? And how do I get rid of it?


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8 replies

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It seems to be worked out now. T-Mobile had to remove visual voicemail from my account and re-add it. It seems it may have been a hangup between android and iOS when changing Sim cards between the two phones and the different operating systems and how they handle Voice Mail.

How did you get them to address the issue?

I am experiencing the same thing, and they keep telling me to call Apple... but this isn't an Apple issue.

Yes I'm sure that was it


Yrs ditch that's it

None of these replies are useful. I would love some helpful feedback and an answer to the original question. 

I figured it out and culprit is a default setting in the T-Mobile app and not in the iphone or android OS. Login in and go to:

 Account/Profile Settings/Block Calls and Messages[select line]/Block Calls and Messages/Block Orher/Block Voice to Text... (turn it off). 

Test: Have anyone call you. Don't answer letting call go Voicemail and caller leaves message for you. Wait and wait and wait and no text message comes with voicemail contents. Solved

Thank you @GhostRider !

It worked 🎉