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  • 26 March 2022
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So since I got my T-Mobile sim card and transferred to T-Mobile from Sprint my Sprint app no longer works.  It can’t identify me on the network.  So okay fine, I download the T-Mobile app, set up an account and so forth.  Try to log into the T-Mobile app and it says, “looks like you’re a Sprint customer” and sends me back to Sprint.

So obviously I can’t check my usage, pay my bill, etc on the app and have to go to the web site itself.  Inconvenient to say the least.

Anyone have a idea how to deal with this?  Your help is appreciated.

4 replies

Following...because same

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when you put the TMO sim card into the phone did it end up downloading a bunch of TMO apps to your phone or no?


and which phone do you have?

Any answer that actually works yet? I’m tired of being rerouted 

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contact TMO through either Facebook or Twitter and see if they can assist. i dont remember having this many issues swapping over.