T-mobile 1 hr free wifi feature not working with the aircraft on new vendor "Viasat" during American airlines flights

Recently I found certain aircraft of AA equipped with different WiFi vendor/service called "Viasat". There is no link to T-mobile login. And the flight attendant has no idea how to make it work as it was with Gogo wifi. Anybody has experienced the same?


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Hope this helps.

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I wonder if Viasat is a different in flight WiFi provider that is not Gogo.  I believe T-Mobile's offer only applies to Gogo.

Yes I called T-mobile today. Free WiFi (1 hour) feature only applies to Gogo. Currently there is no agreement between T-mobile and Viasat.

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Our offers only apply to GoGo 😥

It would not work with other WiFi providers.


Which makes that gogo inflight Promotion useless. AA is moving away from gogo and most have now Viasat. I fly a lot and was not able to use that promotion for a long time

it might be useless to you but a lot of folks still use GoGo on flights and a lot of other airlines still use it.  Viasat is Satellite internet that anyone can buy so I'd imagine AA is buying a business plan and then reselling it directly to their customers unlike other airlines like Delta and United that are using GoGo which is a third party service.  There is less income for the airline when using third party services vs reselling wifi directly

I also noticed while playing around on Visiat that there is a place to login to GoGo, however it forces you to have an account with GoGo unlike before, would there be a way to login and use the 1hr free wifi?

I also find it useless now. I fly two or three times a week and every plane in American I fly ha seven switched. I’m going to cancel T-Mobile next week for this reason and the service just not acceptable with all the dropped calls.

I fly twice a week and this service is not working on any plane for the three two months - You guys have created a loyalty behavior around this very service. Now either thinking to switch American or t-mobile.

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@ray8769​ Hey Ray! Unfortunately this is something that was changed on the side of American, not T-Mobile.

GoGo is still largely supported on Delta and Alaska flights, and available on some American flights while the provider is being phased out more and more.

You can still expect to find the feature on the majority of Delta and Alaskan flights!


So Here is the part I don't get:

ViaSat is simply a provider.  GoGo account holders still have access on those AA flights that have ViaSat.  You need a GoGo Login to access. 

With the GoGo direct service T-mobile was automatically recognized.

Is there a way to log in to GoGo with my T-mobile username and password or some other username and password to get my free texting and one hour of Wi-Fi?

If I have to pay for GoGo in addition to T-mobile, the T-Mobile advantage is gone for me.

T-Mobile - Anyone there?  We get one hour of GoGo but have no way to log in on a ViaSat managed Go Go System?  Can you please fix this?

There is still GoGo service on ViaSat equipped aircraft.  Why isn't there a way T-mobile users can log in to get their one hour of GoGo?

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GoGo and ViaSat are two different providers (in the same fashion AT&T and T-Mobile are two different providers).

If there's an agreement somewhere that GoGo gets some access, that's a direct service between GoGo and ViaSat.  A feature that is paid for.  The T-Mobile option is a free service that GoGo provides in a partnership with T-Mobile.  GoGo doesn't have to honor this through a competitor provider.  It's the equivalent of "roaming".  If you have a certain level of service with T-Mobile, you're not allowed roaming.  These are the cheaper plans.

You get what you pay for...

I just flew on an AA flight yesterday and it had viasat, and there is a GoGo login. The majority of AA flights are moving to viasat, and there is a way for GoGo users to connect through that service.

T-Mobile just continues to to point the finger at others vs working to meet their customer demands and work with their partners. It's AA's fault that they are using viasat, not T-Mobile's. It's Apple's fault they are making changes to their phones, not T-Mobile's. T-Mobile, you need to understand that to offer services to your customers, you need to work with these vendors as we can't use T-Mobile alone without these other partners / vendors. There's no T-Mobile service for your customers without a device (Apple, for example).  Start working with your partners, like Apple and viasat and GoGo.

One of the reasons I moved to T-Mobile was for the inflight wifi, and now that is becoming useless. The service (dropped calls, poor service, no service...) is far less than Verzion but the fringe benefits like the inflight wifi was worth the move for me and the additional 3 lines I brought over. But that is quickly diminishing.

T-Mobile, please work with viasat and let us know how we can log in to GoGo through that service so we can use what you've sold us.

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  • No More Delta Free Wifi with T-Mobile (Sorry, ViaSat Only)
  • T-Mobile Free in flight WiFi on Delta is now false advertising. Delta Airlines is dumping GoGo and going with Viasat. T-Mobile is refusing to honor its ‘free in flight wifi’  commitment to loyal customers. Poor customer service reps are attempting to place the blame on others. The T-mobile ‘Free In Flight Wifi on Delta” was the deciding factor for many of our business associates to leave Verizon. The broken promises of t-mobile and poor coverage has our family and friends going back to Verizon. 

I just switched over the weekend just for the GoGo inflight. I travel 2xweek on American. Truly a mistake and now not worth the Magenta plan at all. Had visible (on Verizon network) 4 lines for $100 total unlimited. Don’t think T-Mobile will have a resolve and I have 12 days left to go back. Unfortunate.