T-Mobile Military Bate and Switch

  • 11 February 2023
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I switched to T-mobile in December 2022 because they could save me money on my $200+ AT&T bill with the Military Magenta Max plan. I was extremely upfront about the fact that I am an Air Force Civilian, not active duty. I had multiple people assure me that I qualified before I switched. They used my Air Force ID to sign me up at the store. Now, we have switched carriers, spent hundreds of dollars on phones, and now I am being told that I somehow don't qualify. My choices are 1) pay more making the switch to T-mobile a pointless switch for similar cost and worse service or 2) commit a federal crime by impersonating a fellow soldier. Obviously, I am not going to commit a crime. I am absolutely furious that I was misled and unfortunely, I don't have anyway to prove I was given misinformation because they refuse to provide transcripts. I know they record conversations in store and on the phone but I do not have access to them. I'm honestly in angry tears right now.


To T-mobile: please remedy this situation, in writing.  The FTC has determined that bait and switch sales practices are unfair or deceptive trade practices, and violate the FTC Act.

1 reply

I am looking for two solutions: 

  1.  when tmobile bates and switches  on customers. 
  2. when they service is only india how to get an american
  3. how to get out of contracts with this company.