Terrible service!

  • 30 October 2021
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I recently switched to T Mobile after being a Verizon Wireless customer for 20+ years. I thought I was saving $35 a month! I work from home and rely on good service. On a daily basis, I drop at least 4-5 calls or can’t pick up an incoming call or make an outgoing. I will be switching back to  Verizon in the next few days.

27 replies

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Just for context, Verizon has coverage and speed problems as well.  I was with them for 15 years or more and they used to be pretty good, until about 6 months ago.  After what I’ve been able to discern, they did some software changes on the towers, my phone almost quit making calls, (my mom’s phone that piggy backed on Verizon’s towers quit working all together, and her company had to send a new phone to get her service going again).  I could hear the other party but they couldn't hear me.  Verizon was no help, they said all was good and i could buy a new phone and a more expensive plan.  Some fix, all this after a $6.00 sur charge in the summer, mmm just because.  I told them if they didn’t make an effort to help a good paying customer I would leave to T-mobile.  They were unconcerned, so I’m here now.  So far service in my semi- rural area has been 100% and great call quality and I’ve logged download speeds as high as 40 Mbps.  I expect in a more city environment my speeds will be even better.  I went from a limited Verizon plan to an unlimited T mobile plan for less money.  Time will tell, but as of right now I’m glad I gave Verizon the boot.  Just another perspective.

After four years with t-mobile, I finally pulled the plug and went back to Verizon. It was heart breaking because I had an awesome plan. I was fortunate enough to have 6 lines on the Magenta plan for $96 per month after accumulating a few free lines back in the days when free lines were given away like candy. And free Netflix was always a nice added bonus. I say this to put into context how terrible the service must have been to force me to make the switch because no person in their right mind would let go of such a great offer.

My main issue with t mobile was the inconsistent service. It was embarrassing the number of times I would be in areas with no service while everyone around me with Verizon or AT&T were fine. Also, the network was always congested. I could have 5Guc and full bars displaying on my iPhone and still have slow data. And if you are outside of a city or suburb, forget about it. I was in Boone NC with Coworkers the other day and I was the only one without reception. While my iPhone displayed SOS, everyone with Verizon or AT&T had great service. The final straw was when I landed at Charlotte airport earlier this week around 10pm. The airport was extremely busy and the T-Mobile lines were congested and unusable. My coworker was able to get an Uber with no problem on her Verizon phone.  I spent an hour trying to get data to work until I smartened up and went back inside the airport to use their Wi-Fi and was finally able to book an Uber. Needless to say, that night I canceled my plan and switched to Verizon. The increase in performance was immediate. Even their LTE service is faster than T-Mobile’s 5G which was a pleasant surprise.