Text usage not appearing

  • 15 November 2022
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when I used the sprint website calls and text logs were updated real time. Now on the tmobile site they are delayed and missing - 

7 replies

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There's usually a delay after the billing cycle ends. As for some not showing it maybe because group text are sending as mms.


I’ve been having this problem for days now. I called the other day and was told they are doing “maintenance” and it should be updated within 24 hrs. Checked yesterday, still not working. Was told same thing. This is very frustrating tmobile!

Same issue! I use the usage feature as I have a young teenager that I DO monitor whom she is texting. This is a safety issue as far as I am concerned!

I agree it is horrible, I am ready to leave t-mobile. It is accessable one moment and gone the next.

When is this going to be fixed?  Still all texts aren't showing up 

Having the same issue. Any tips on how to get this resolved? Thanks.

All phone calls don't show either