• 12 March 2024
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I've had the worst experience dealing with Tmobile for 8 months since I opened an account with my mother. 

We had asked for 2 Lines only (plus a free line was given to us). Turns out we were paying for 3 lines (minus the free line) and 2 internet lines for 7 months for a total of $834!!! (Records were checked)

I've spoken to 3 SUPERVISORS, and I am told I cannot get my refund for that amount or my account would be in delinquency! Now I am told I'm only owed $330, and to top it off I can only get $79.00 out of that while the rest goes to my already current bill. Ridiculous. (Every supervisor says something different).

My account was altered wrongly multiple times and had to be adjusted everytime I called. We have not be reimbursed in any way.

My bill was corrected. My free line is suspended. (Still have to pay $10) and also pay $10 for the other suspended line. 

We are left with an ultimatum that doesn't seem like it makes up for how wrongly we have been treated since starting an account with T-mobile. 

Be careful with your account, pay close attention, and make sure to know what your paying for, because they will keep your money after a certain point. 

We will not stay long with this company. Very bad customer service!

2 replies

We are living the same nightmare.  No one answers questions the same way twice and they deflect deals made at T mobile stores from T mobile policy.  We are charged on and on for lines or devices that were supposed to be free with plan we chose and now our bill is twice what it was with another carrier.  I will tell everyone to NEVER use this company and I am doing everything including paying a premium on all devices to get out of this company.  How can this be allowed?

I stumbled on this thread because I searched for experiences like this and man they're acting REALLY sketchy and scummy and horrible and they're all just like insurance companies IMO. they're allowed to do anything they want and charge you endless amounts of money. It's giving scum bag mafia and the government just let's them get away with this mess because they lobby for it. I'm about to throw my phone in the trash.