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  • 23 December 2020
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I was told that I will get $800 trade-in amount for my old mobile and adjusted across 24months bills for the new phone.  So I gave my old phone and took the new phone.  But in the first month  bill t was not reflected (aprox $33.33 credit should applied).  When I asked they mentioned I need to wait for 2 bill cycles to adjust the trade-in amounts.  After 3rd bill also it is not reflected.  Now they are telling $800 trade-in amount was wrong and I will get only $200 trade-in amount.  

If they say this I wouldn’t even took a new phone.  My old phone is in perfect condition and working nicely.  

With this kind of false promise/offers they are giving me trouble and demanding the monthly extract amount ? 

Being a T-Mobile management request you to sort this issue and help me to get my $800 trade-in amount.

7 replies

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This is a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation but they don’t have account access.

Your best bet is to contact Tmobile support using messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media pages.

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All trade-ins are subject to review.  Even a device in the most perfect condition probably wouldn't get the maximum trade-in value.  If you login to your account online and go through the trade-in there but don't complete it.  It still gives you a better idea as to what you might get. 

T-Mobile:s current offer for the OnePlus 8T+ 5G BOGO tells me that my best case scenario for my Note 9 trade would be $127.  That is a far cry from the up to $750 mentioned.  Not worth it!  At least not in my opinion.  

I was told the same 800.00 amount back in November, received my first T-Mobile bill for phones and they only gave me trade in value.  I protested and have not heard a word back.  If there word is no good on promotion, then I should not have switched and willl probably switch back or to a more reputable carrier.

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I haven’t had any issues with their promotions.  Are you sure you qualified for the promotion?  If you took care of things in store.  Did the sales rep enter everything correctly for you to get the promotion?  As mentioned by gramps, contacting T-Mobile through social media is your best way to find out what happened and get this resolved.  

In December 2020, I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, solely because the over the phone sales person said that I could qualify for a special promotion because I was not a T-Mobile customer, where I could get an iPhone 12 for no cost (as long as I traded in any qualifying iPhone and ported in the line). I did this for two of our four lines, and both phones were iPhone 6s. I was told I would receive a $14 trade-in credit for each phone, which sounded absurd, but was told not to worry because I would still get the iPhone 12 monthly credit equivalent of $830 over 30 months. The $14 credit was just for anything beyond the $830 base cost.

I confirmed multiple times that I would not have to pay anything except if I got a phone above the base, which I did for the two lines and paid somewhere around $500 for the differences. I had assumed of course that my two $14 credits were applied towards these excess charges, because I was told that. The sales rep said he was able to do this deal by combining two promotional offers, 2020AppleTradeP26 (for an iPhone 12 base that I added ) and 2020AppleTradeP27 (For an iPhone 12 pro that I added). He said these promotions were stackable. But, he also said something interesting that I should’ve picked up on, that the initial bill or two would show a BOGO promotion And that both of the promotions he was giving me wouldn’t show for a couple billing cycles, because it was a new promotion only in December. Needless to say, three months later and multiple T-Mobile customer service people have told me that these two promotions are not stackable. I really wouldn’t have paid off one Verizon line and switched to T-Mobile if I knew this was a lie. I have filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau that covers Washington State, And will alternately contact my States AG office to denote the sales fraud. Now, I have been a Verizon customer for more than 10 years and always thought their prices were high but I am ready to run back even if I have to pay for these iPhone 12 in full. The thing that makes this the worst is that it was the first bit of good news last year after being out of our house for four months due to a house fire And I was on the phone with the rep for more than three hours. I suggest everyone that has a similar complaint also report to your local AG office, as they take this seriously. BBB may be useful, but maybe not. Your CC company is also another place to report if you have had money withdrawn that way.

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Did you get a device? If you ended up getting a device with money down and also accessories you will get that amount upfront and the rest will be given via credit.

I was able to resolve the matter with the executive response team To my satisfaction.