Trade-In iPhone Promo - Did not receive what was promised

  • 30 December 2020
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On 12/17/20 I went into the retail store. Associate told me they were having a trade-in promotion. It’s the 2020 Apple Trade P28 promotion. I asked her how much credit I would receive if I traded in my iPhone 8 64gb for an iPhone 12 64gb, she checked her iPad, and told me I would receive $415 and that I would be receiving $90 of it day of. I thought this was an excellent promotion so I did it. I paid the tax, received the $90 credit and was told the remaining of the $415 would be credited through 30 months. A week later I checked my account and saw I was only receiving total $293 total credit ($7 monthly credit for 29 months), not the $415 promised. When I called T-Mobile Customer Service, they said the promotion was UP TO $415 and depended on the condition of your phone. The retail store associate DID NOT say “up to,” she said SPECIFICALLY $415 exactly and she didn’t mention anything about the “condition of your phone.” Customer service associate said I would receive a call from a manager within 24-48 hours, no response. I have been a customer for 18 years and want to receive what I was promised which is the $415 trade-in promotion credit. I am tempted to go into the retail store and file a complain, but feel I need to go to someone higher to get my issue resolved. Please help. Thank you!

2 replies

same here !

i traded my iphone x with a new one, in the tmobile app and with this promo 2020 Apple Trade P28

but now i got only 300 hundred,  they offer to mi 415dlrs, so tmobile is advantageous, 

not loyal this company.

I traded in an iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 on two iPhone 12 minis.  I was told as a Sprint customer switching to T-Mobile I would get a $730 credit on my account for the trade ins. I have not received the credit. I have attempted to correct this issue with Customer Care. After four phone calls totaling 3 hours 52 minutes, I was told I was not eligible for the promo since I did not add a line.  This is the first time I am hearing about this add a line. This is ridiculous! T-Mobile should stand behind the promos that the stores offer. 

I will now have to pay for both of my iPhones and will be leaving T-Mobile.