Trade-in Value amount different?

  • 22 April 2021
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Decided to do the 5G promotion trade in.  Went through all the steps and got offered the $415 for an iPhone 8+.  Received all the documents, and at the bottom it says the following:

Does this mean the trade in will only be $100, instead of the $415?  Somewhat confusing.  

2 replies

 I got a long in writing estimate claiming I would get $400 credit for my iPhone 8 for a promotion to upgrade to the 13 I ordered it online and got the new phone was preparing to send the old one when I read the “updated offer” saying $75 are they stupid? They can’t say it’s based on condition of the phone if they lowered it without ever seeing mine it’s flat out false advertising lies it’s wrong in every way.. needless to say no thanks I’ll either keep it just in case or I’ll resell it on my own for at least 2-300 but sending it to them for 75 after they clearly offered $400 they have to be out of their minds! Law suit is over due

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It ultimately depends on the promotion.  The bill credit is usually the trade-in device value, which are always super low.  Sometimes promotions offset that using monthly credits over 24 months to help encourage customers to upgrade.  I am guessing that is where the remainder of the $415 would come from, split over 24 months.  If you don’t complete the terms of the promotion, you will be charged the full price of the devices.  Whether that is in full or spread over 24 or 30 months.