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  • 23 February 2024
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and it failed miserably.

was tryingto leave Verizon and come to something more reasonable. placed an order that needed to be modified and money was exchanged and now over a week later order was canceled and returned but no refund issued. Spent more then 2 hrs total on the phone with probably a dozen different agents all to say there is no resolution in sight. terrible experience


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I also tried moving from Verizon via the phone.  I didn’t want to get stuck in limbo trying to port my number and wasn’t feeling confident I could accomplish it over the phone, so I bailed and went into a store.  A really sharp young lady switched me over, ported my number, and I walked out about 30 minutes later with a new phone, same number, and a much better plan at a substantial cost savings from my  monthly bill at Verizon.  I suggest going into a T-Mobile store to see if you can get it resolved.  



after multiple calls and chats at least a dozen people, T-mobile has my money, I have no product or service from them nor any customer service during that time. Assurances of callbackss or updates to this situation have passed without resolution. Turning it over to my bank as fraud at this point…



Final update after 2 weeks I had to turn this over to my bank as fraud, customer service was a joke multiple folks to deal with a simple issue yet passed to the next person constantly without any resolution. Couldnt pay me to switch to this kind of company at this point, saw my value as a potential customer diminish with each pass on to the next available person. Disappointed but learned a lesson...