Tuesdays - Sam's Club for $14.99?

  • 4 January 2022
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33 replies

That’s odd.. maybe it might the internet browser? I used google chrome and didn’t have that problem… maybe try using google chrome and see if that helps? 

I usually only use google chrome. It didn’t work.

I was seeing that someone else said to try using ctrl and clicking on the link that shows on the attachment that it should work. It took me a good minute to finally get it. 

This is so annoying!! I finally was able to click on a link that worked from one of these comments but not it says my promotion code isn’t valid! Has anyone been able to complete get a membership number using their cell phone? 

It won’t work using your cellphone. Dumb enough you gotta finish the process on your computer. 

So I've tried on my phone, work pc, home pc and even the library. So do we get a refund. Cu it did not work. Even emailed the members deal website and no response in a week and a half. What do we do to get this resolved. 

I purchased the Tmobile tuesdays Sams Club membership.  How do you get the $10 gift card?