unable to add credit/debit card or set up auto pay

  • 9 October 2021
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I’m a pre-paid customer. After the new My T-Mobile experience update I was instructed to re-enable auto pay. When attempting to do so on line I could not add cred/debit card nor activate auto pay. Got this message “We are unable to process this payment transaction. Please visit a Retail Store to complete this transaction” Went to two retail stores, neither had seen this before and couldn’t fix the problem while I was in store. I had to pay with cash to continue service.

An engineering service ticket was submitted and I was to receive a call back the next day, two days latter no call back. Sprint sucked and apparently now T-Mobile sucks after they merged. After more than a decade of trouble free service this failure may end my use of T-Mobile.

Has anyone else had to deal with this failure and if so has it been resolved for you…? 

23 replies

I’m in the exact same situation, I won’t be walking to a retail store to pay my bill because they made their website worse again lol
I’ve started looking at Mint and Ting as good options to switch to, they have significantly less predatory data rates as well.

Imagine making it hard for customers to give you money


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It appears you need to enter the payment info for it to be accepted, and not leave it blank.





It appears you need to enter the payment info for it to be accepted, and not leave it blank.


The payment info fields are grayed out immediately as the page loads before one can attempt to enter the payment info, that is the problem.

Neither me nor the person I replied to are allowed to enter payment info at any point.

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I have the exact same problem! I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for almost 6 years. WTF! I just want to setup Autopay again!

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Indeed, WTF.  For a major telecommunications company to have a failure such as this in the implementation of a customer platform update is a complete failure of the project management team, who should be encouraged to seek career opportunities else where. I’m sure there’s plenty of entry level positions in the fast food industry they might be able to handle …

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FWIW, I tried calling to pay by phone but the person on the phone couldn’t do anything either -- things were grayed out on their end. told me to go to a store as there may be some verification needed on the card that can only be done in person (e.g., swiped it). I went to a T-mobile store today to try and fix this and they also couldn’t do anything -- the fields were grayed out for them as well. The guy thought it may be that the entire prepaid payment system is down, and to try again in a couple days. Fingers crossed.

The same thing happened to me: 1) Text message to re-setup autopay. 2) Service cancelled. 3) Autopay not accessible. Grayed out as described. 4) Payments also grayed out and not accepting any form of payment. 5) I phoned T-Mobile. Rep tried 2 methods of accepting payment. Both failed.

Here’s where I had better luck. My rep restored my service for a month without payment and forwarded the issue to engineering. He said the problem will be fixed by next month. We’ll see.

I too have this issue. I was notified that my autopay was cancelled when it attempted to process on Friday the 8th, and suddenly without service. After huge frustration with online and phone support I begrudgingly went to a retail location where they could not solve it nor knew what to do about it. Luckily I could pay in cash but will probably switch due to this latest mess up. I have had nothing but issues with customer service and the website in general so am willing to pay double what I do now for a product that works.

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Same issue. Prepaid user for years (the old “Walmart plan”). I went to the retail store, and they also couldn’t do anything. They asked for cash, which I didn’t have. They told me to call the prepaid service number, which I did. They were also useless. My service was canceled due to non-payment. Since my bill is only $30 I found a workaround by buying a $30 prepaid refill card online through Walmart that described itself as “email delivery”. However, you’re able to put your phone number into a field in the cart on Walmart’s site, so they applied the payment directly to my account. After making the payment through Walmart I was notified that my account was re-enabled within 10 minutes. This is pretty pathetic. Multiple T-Mobile support entities (retail store, phone support, and prepaid phone support) couldn’t apply a payment to my account, yet another company (Walmart) could.

Finally… Glad I’m not the only one. Same issue as you all, and on old “Walmart” 100min / 5gb plan. Support and retail stores have been useless. The only way I’ve been able to fund my account is through refill cards.

Similar experience here, https://prepaid.t-mobile.com/one-time-payment/payment just spins forever and will not load second step.

The part about prepaid that really makes it work is being able to pay for the service in advance, if that isn’t possible, the whole thing falls apart, so I really hope they figure out this one.

Exact same issue here: text I needed to renew (which I never read at the time, as this system has been working for years), then suspended service, now the payment fields are grayed out just as shown above. I’m on an old Walmart-purchased pre-paid unlimited plan that I’ve been using for ~8 years, always with autopay, like the posters above. 


Big thanks to Yabos above, whose “buy it at Walmart” solution worled perfectly. But please don’t tell me I have to do this every month now...

I reported earlier that the rep I spoke to credited me for the month and assured me that engineering would address the problem. I was grateful for the first part and considered the second part to be a pipe dream.

But, I have been checking once per week, and today I was able to restart autopay. Good luck with your own accounts.

I haven’t tried setting up auto-pay yet, but I just successfully did a one-time payment with a credit card, so that’s a big step! Fingers crossed auto-pay is fixed as well.



same here!! No one in the customer service line could help me. They told me to go to a physical store but I don’t think they will help either based on the experience of other users. It is quite unfortunate we have to deal with this every month. The seem no to care about their prepaid customer base. I will be moving to another carrier if the keep on ignoring my request.



I just went to a physical T-mobile store and they were unable to reload my account. The only way was using cash. T-Mobile should definitely escalate this issue to their development teams.


I haven’t tried setting up auto-pay yet, but I just successfully did a one-time payment with a credit card, so that’s a big step! Fingers crossed auto-pay is fixed as well.

Same here, the only way I could use a card was using my Mastercard. It seems Visa Debit cards are the ones failing, but I would be surprised if other cards are not being accepted.

Similar issue here… All of a sudden, it won’t accept my Venmo Visa credit card which I was using with Autopay for the last 2 years or so.


engineering need to fix their buggy releases quick...

Still a problem, My VISA I had been using forever suddenly won’t work and when I try to re-enter it I get a message saying it’s not a valid card number….Works fine everywhere else.


I can only pay with a MASTERCARD right now, Only one that the system accepts.

Same problem.  I have a Costco Visa that was used for auto-pay.  I lost it, so they issued me a new card.  Tried to delete the old card, then add the new one.  I think that was the mistake.  Maybe add the new one first.  Anyhow, it will let me add my card to the wallet, but won’t let me set it up for auto pay.  Won’t let me actually make a payment.  It also won’t let me add a Mastercard debit card at all, just gives an error. Customer service can’t get any of this to work either.  They are sending it to engineering and supposed to call me back tomorrow.  I hope they figure it out, but I’m really worried based on what you all have written.

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early start perhaps?



Looks like the original post was a year ago but this issue is still happening. If anyone has found a resolution (or work around) for this issue, please update.


Enrolling in auto-pay is not going through with my Visa. T-Mobile seems to be keeping the card details on file successfully but auto-pay payments aren’t working. Every month I have had to call in and authorize a one-time payment. 

What is the point of enrolling in auto-pay and keeping a card on file when I have to continue to call in every month?!


I’m getting:

Auto Pay or Auto Refill Processing Failed


Token Format Error 

When attempting to do it myself on the website.


T-Mobile agents seems perplexed. Supervisors have been contacted, I’ve even had a 35-minute 3-way call with a US Bank agent, myself, and a T-Mobile supervisor. I’ve had agents swear up and down that someone will be in contact within 48 -72 hours (not holding my breath, obviously). The engineering service ticket is a joke since nothing comes of it.


US Bank has mentioned several times that T-Mobile has to take the account and routing number (or else auto-pay will not work) but every T-Mobile agent has said they don’t need the information?!


The only reason I have put this much energy into this mess is because I just want it corrected, once and for all. 



I had the same issue. I think I solved the problem, but that will be confirmed tomorrow. These are the steps:

  • Buy a “T-Mobile Prepaid refill card” at a convenience store or pay in cash at a TMobile store. Due to my urgency, I bought an e-card (electronic card) from target that was sent to my email within 10 minutes. I paid with my credit card.
  •  Look for the Pin number and enter it in your account. You have two options for that:
    • Call 1 877 778 2106 and follow the prompts to enter the pin number
    • In “My T-Mobile”,  “payment summary” you will find an option on the right that says “redeem refill card”.
  • After that you will find that amount in your “ Available service balance”, which will be used on the date of your renewal, but that is the part that I will confirm tomorrow.

I hope it helps.