Whitelistandregularusage plan? Really?

  • 22 June 2021
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It is truly amazing how some T-Mobile tech support people are so completely useless! After waiting on hold and being subjected to inane music, and a recorded message that tells me how important my call is, and that I have “a team” of support people on my side… I get no answers!

My wife and I have been struggling for two days to set up our new iPhone 12 Pros, and especially trying to configure the dual SIM feature. From in store clerks, to local tech support, to the two levels of 611 tech support - and even to two levels of Apple support - nobody understands how (or even why) one might setup an eSIM. I actually found that now I know more about it than all of the techs that I have spoken with, and was giving them advice!

After all of this, and with a variety of data connectivity issues, I finally got my phone working. My wife’s phone (the second phone on our account) was intermittently dropping, or failing to connect to data. Rather than the “Cellular Plans” option in settings displaying the plan that we have (ONE Plan) it displayed a very odd plan “whitelistandregularusage”. What the heck is that?

We made the mistake of wading back into the T-Mobile tech support muck! Finally, have much time on hold, a dropped call, more time on hold… we finally got to a specialist who claimed that he understood the eSIM process… We laboriously explained the problem over again, and asked him about the “whitelistandregularusage”. His answer was stunningly absurd. He said that he sees that all the time, and that since we bought our phones directly from Apple and not T-Mobile, that this was a defect in the phone, and that we needed to return the phone to Apple for repair, or have them configure it! Talk about pass the buck!

It did not take long on Google to find a forum where people had reported the issue (not on this list unfortunately), but it did not seem to come up with an answer. One poster said that their father had turned off their data! Not really understating, at first, how that might be possible, I went into our T-Mobile account.

Sure enough, my phone showed one add on, but my wife’s showed none! Somehow in this process of setting up the new phones, her data had been turned to “no data”!

I changed the setting, and voila! Problem solved! I am now better equipped than a room full of T-Mobile techs, who, if that cared about learning their product, could have saved me a boatload of time!

Thanks T-Mobile!

2 replies

Thank you very much for this! I just changed my plan to Magenta and somehow my data wasn’t working and just like you, it showed “whitelistandregularusage” instead of Magenta. Thanks to you, I went to my account and sure enough, the data was turned off to “no data” instead of Magenta. I turned it on and now am waiting for it to show on my iPhone. I hope it fixed it. thanks again for sharing. 

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yeah try to avoid calling in and instead use either Facebook or Twitter to contact TMO..their percentage of actually resolving this is quite a bit higher plus you are starting with tier 2 support unlike calling in where you get tier 1 support.