Why is it now impossible to get US based service from TMobile?

  • 19 September 2023
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I received my new iPhone 14 today and spent 7 hours trying to get my TMOBILE SIM transferred - unsuccessfully.  And to make matters worse, the last off-shore “technical support” agent I spoke with disconnected me after 2 hours and didn’t bother to call back.  Clearly they had my number but didn’t call back because they knew they couldn’t do anything to help. 

About half the time I was on the phone I was on hold listening to painfully awful music that kept cutting out - several of the technicians could hardly speak english and those who I could understand were unable to transfer my SIM to my new phone.

When I asked that they escalate my issue they opted to disconnect me.  I guess that’s how they keep their metrics up - by not escalating to level 2.

Now I need to waste time returning the phone and shopping for an alternative provider.

What a colossal waste of time.  

How do I return a new phone and cancel my account without sitting on hold for another 7 hours?

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To return a device, you must be with the 14 day return period.  You can call Customer Care at 7AM EDT, which has always gotten me someone in the US.  You can also reach out to T-Mobile via DM on Facebook or Twitter for US based support.