Why is T-mobile charging for WhatsApp international video calls?

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About 6 months back I faced exactly the same issue that Bertrand has faced and T-mobile charged me $385 for 3 whatsapp calls made over wifi even though I had bought a $100 international pass that allowed me to make unlimited no. of international calls. I fought this issue tooth and nail with T-mobile customer service and they eventually waived off around 50 bucks. I ended up paying as dealing with Tmobile customer service is a massive pain. However, after going through multiple forums it is clear that this is a scam being perpetuated by Tmobile. If it is a known issue with whatsapp then it is incumbent on Tmobile to warn their customers before they make wifi calls when traveling internationally. This is a Class Action Lawsuit waiting to happen. I am travelling again this week and have again bought an international pass. If I get charged again this time for a whatsapp call then maybe its time to contact my attorney

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a bit of a funny comment in the above thread...

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right along the lines of what @Cali Cat and  @tidbits kept saying on page one in here.

This exactly same problem is happening with me now! Same customer service answer, they said that should need to put a block on my line, since the calls from whatsapp that is not made using wifi sometimes are made by line and not data lol I received a text message right after to finish a facetime video call to Brazil, and a bunch of calls in my bill of 1min each that was made using whatsapp (on this time the person was visiting US lol), charging me another 50 dollars this month, also charged 4 times of $15 for Stateside Intl Talk w/MOB that was supposed to cover costs for international calls lol even the customer service agent knows what was happening lol very nice service tho! :/ What T-mobile has to say about it????