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How do I add third party purchases to be billed to my account? Some how it was blocked and I'm having trouble unblocking it

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Depends on your plan. Some older plans you can't have subscriptions tied to your account like Netflix(legacy plans). No credit check legacy plans you couldn't. Prepaid I believe you couldn't. I believe only the account holders line could add on most plans. 

What plan are you on? 

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Hey @Channy Our Content Blocking | T-Mobile Support has a login button that takes you to your account so you can make sure you don’t have a blocking feature preventing those 3rd party charges. One thing that I do want to note is that there is an $80 maximum for billing stuff to your T-Mobile account. If you are blocked because you reached that amount, then that block cannot be removed until your next billing cycle starts. 

Hope this helps! 

I would i enable third party purchases