Calls go straight to voicemail - phone doesn't ring (Samsung S6 on Nougat)

  • 7 August 2018
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29 replies

Hi Chris, I have called multiple times on this issue and every time I was told one of the two -

1. "we cannot control your device when you are connected to Wi Fi, it is an issue with your ISP. Since your device is receiving calls when on T-Mobile network (disconnected from WiFi), T-Mobile is working as expected"

2. "since your device is not bought from T-Mobile, we cannot do anything, buy a new device from T-Mobile".

Check out below given possible solutions.

1st Way: Turn on safe mode to check any third party app cause any error

2nd Way: Clear phone app cache

3rd Way: Uninstall Phone app update and update again

4th Way: Remove the app and re-install again if third party app use

We hope above given one of the methods used to fix your issue.

Hey folks! If this is happening when connected to Wi-Fi, please do give us a call so we can a support ticket opened and have our engineers further investigate.

Happening to me now - will call, thanks. 

I am having the same issue.  Some calls are going straight to voicemail without my phone even ringing.  I have the Galaxy S23 Utlra. I’ve called several times to T-mobile customer service, and they have walked me through resets and the issue continues.  Very frustrating!! I have tried ##004#.  Please help!!