Can't view detailed bill

  • 4 March 2023
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So this has been going on for a while but I just stopped trying. Now I really need to print out that detailed bill for work purposes. On the tmobile app (Galaxy s22) when I click on the bill tab I can see the basic bill. When I click on view detail bill (pdf) it downloads but the a pop up says that I cannot open the file because I have no app to open it with. I have Adobe and opening pdf files is not a problem on any other program. Anyone have this happen and a fix for it? 

Thank you

4 replies

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I'm getting mine now, I'm attaching a screenshot of my data usage since it doesn't show phone numbers. Both sms and calls are showing.



What you are showing me doesn't help at all. When I click on the link to view detailed bill it downloads the pdf file but won't open because the tmobile app says I don't have a program to open the file with. All other apps on my phone have no problem opening pdf files. This only happens on the tmobile app

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My pdf opens for all my usage now. Sms, calls and data.

Try downloading Adobe acrobat, when I switched phones a few years back my Pixel wouldn't load pdf’s the after installing no issues.

Not able to view my bill. I have trying since last month. When I click on my bill it’s just busy and browsing. T Mobil raised my bill for no reason. T mobile is scamming people. I am taking to consumer department. My issue not sort out by next week there will be lawsuits against Tmobile.