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  • 4 October 2018
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I have an LG v20 phone for which T Mobile recently pushed out Android Oreo. At work, I get spotty reception. With the update, I get constant notifications that there is no voice/data service. I have WiFi at work and have enabled Wi-Fi calling, so these notifications are useless. But there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to turn them off. The best I can do is snooze them for 2 hours. 4 or 5 times a day, I have to do this, and it is very annoying. If I don't snooze them, then spotty reception means I will get a notification every few minutes all day. How do you get rid of these notifications?


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I may have a solution.

For LG G5.

slide notification to expose “cogwheel” icon.

tap cogwheel

tap “all categories”

look for items that don’t say “no sound”

tap the ellipsis on one of those items

tap “importance”

tap “low, no sound or visual interruption”

tap the back arrow three times to leave the menu tree.

I think this is working for me. time will tell.


I've got the cure for the Motorola G7 play probably will work on other versions of android as well on any phone.



2. apps and notifications

3. See all apps

4. Tap the 3 dots menu upper right corner

5. Tap show system

6. tap phone services

7. tap notifications

8. Turn off alerts


Goodbye notifications on the temporarily turned off by your carrier crap.


You're very welcome!

I arrived here trying to solve the same issue with an old LG G5 that I want to use for wifi only. The above helpful solution from sanford falls short in two ways. #3 see all apps - no such option. But if I tap App Info I am able to continue through step #5. For #6 tap phone services, I have no such app listed. However I DO have Call services. But tapping that gives me the option of enabling or disabling Icon Badge, and that’s it.

If anyone here has a solution for killing the alerts for a G5, please share. I’m still getting “No voice services” and also “SIM not provisioned” that I cannot kill.

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youre unable to just flip it into airplane mode and then turn wifi back on?

I will try that. I use the phone for work email and IM, so would need those notifications. If they still work normally, this might be better than nothing...

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any of those would be data type apps anyways. all switching it to airplane mode does is shuts down voice and data..which turning wifi back on while in that mode should work fine..i know some OEMs out there it doesnt work but i have never had any issues with my older HTC devices over the years or my LG devices.


its going to be a wifi only device correct? should work fine..if the phone is unlocked you might even be able to remove the sim card so its not trying to search out a carriers connection. but i believe it must be unlocked for this to work.