Failed to upgrade

  • 5 June 2023
  • 7 replies


I have a STYLUS 5G and it keeps failing to upgrade TCL UI v4.0.6E9R and no matter how many times I try to download the upgrade it keeps failing.  I restarted the phone, I cleared caches etc,, phone is charges, still fails.  How can I get it to upgrade?  Thank you

7 replies

I'm having the exact same issue with my mom's phone. It did the same thing back 2022. We had to turn the phone in because it will begin turning off and on randomly. This is her 2nd TCL and same deal. I'm turning her phone in and getting her the Motorola Stylus. Because this is just stupid. Even TCL doesn't know how to fix it. I was on the phone with them for over an hour with some guy in the Middle East. Because T-Mobile Tech Support was far from helpful about turning it in again with the warranty. I'll never get another Chinese made cell phone ever again. Poor quality and horrendous experience. 

Same here. I have been trying for months, researching and trying anything I can find but seems like no one is having the same problem besides you and me. I can't find anything online. Have you found a fix? 

Any update? I’m stuck on version v4.0.6EBM, and the new version is v4.0.6EBV. 

I have plenty of free space and started in safe-mode however, the install is still failing. 

I am getting the same error. v4.0.6EBV.  It has been trying to update for days.

Same here. I have been trying for months as well. I'll keep on looking for the fix.

same issue on my tcl 5g stylus has anyone found a fix  yet 

thanks in advance

I guess I will go to the store and tell them to fix it.