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  • 18 April 2023
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I know this I'm not stupid I've done everything that I. Can I am computer literate sprint and tell the point that the phone is not a good phone.  Like I said there is stupid people at the store that Completely messed up my information with my patients and my phone. So what I am saying is do not buy this phone there is defaults it's not me.  I am computer literate I did everything that the technical support did and more.  

2 replies


And like I said before this is the 4th time the other 3 times. I didn't myself and it worked the only thing that did not work. It was not charging so I had to replace it for the 4th one. I went to the store and they did it so they messed up all my information not me.  So once again i'm very intelligent and computer literate

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when you start a new thread for your issue but start the convo where you left the other thread...it tends to not make to much sense.


information for your patients..do you mean their contact info? what exactly did they mess up? intelligent and computer literate yet left out pretty much any info to help others figure out what you have going on lol.  you said dont buy this phone..you have had it replaced now 4 times now...cool!….so….what phone is it?