Messaging and Phone Issues

  • 17 March 2023
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Anybody else having problems with cursor jumping around on messenger and calls dropping and battery getting smoked? possible network issue me thinks….what’s the heck is going on…I have an older Samsung S8 but I don’t think it’s the issue.

2 replies

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It's looks like the last OS upgrade was Pie and not sure about security patch.

The battery and cursor could be an issue since it only has 4 gigs of ram.

As for connectivity issues it depends on where you live and what bands have been retired in your area. Tmobile is starting to phase out their 2g network which maybe causing an issue if you have weak 4g service.

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When was the last time your device was factory reset?  With no updates or security patches in about 3 years.  A factory reset might help with just the lengthy time the device has been in use.  With a device that has also been end of life for over 3 years now…  That battery probably isn’t anything close to as healthy as it was when the device came out.  Personally, I think the antique device is more than likely the issue.