not receiving texts after porting

  • 24 April 2022
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I recently transfer over to T-Mobile.  After porting, three out of four lines are working fine.  My daughter’s line (iPhone SX) is unable to receive texts from certain phones (Androids).  We called Apple and T-Mobile, no help.  She has reboot phone, reset settings, reset network, checked blocked numbers, delete current text threads and send new texts.  She can text these people, but she doesn’t receive their texts.  However, if the Android devices owners are in a group with an iPhone owner, she’ll get the group texts.  Please help!!!  We’re not getting much help from the “help services.”  She’s in Medical School and really can’t miss any text messages.

8 replies

Similiar issue here.  I have a 2 new Android phones from t-mobile and just ported both numbers from xfinity mobile.  In my case it appears to be about the carrier the text is coming from.  If from t-mobile customer, no problem.  Not receiving from Verizon customers and don’t know about other carriers.  Able to send texts to anyone.  Is it possible that this is the same for you and the Android users happen to be on other carriers?  Spend a couple hours with tech support resetting phone and apps and checking settings and blocking and such -- no help at all.  Extremely frustrating. 


Yes, one Android user, that we know of, is with Verizon.  We’re not sure about the others whom my daughter can’t receive texts from.  We have also spent hours with tech support - no help either.  Currently, she’s having to use texting apps with some of her classmates as a temporary fix until her exams are done.  Tech support told us that she may need to take her phone to a local T-Mobile store.  This is so disappointing.  

T-mobile sent me new sim cards, which of course did not help.  Any resolution for you?

Here is a thread I found on a google voice forum.  It is from 3 years ago but may be relevant.

I am having similar issues. Noone receives my text when I send them. I receive all texts all calls on note 10plus. Have done troubleshooting, change Sim card, clear cache, delete text, upgraded to new phone still cannot send text. There is no error message but noone receives my messages.. Tmobile says there is nothing blocked on their has been a frustrating 3 weeks and now it looks like I'm going to switch carriers because I have talked to over 15 people transferring my calls and in the store...anyone ever had this?


Thank you alnav for the link. The last tech support I spoke with did say that they will rebroadcast her number.  She had to reset her network settings and phone again.  It still didn’t work right away.  I was going to give her information about your link today, but her phone is working today.  She is now receiving texts from all.

SAVED2022, we transfer four lines, three worked, and one had texting issues (which has now been resolved)

@trakme Started working for us today as well.  Getting all texts now.

I had this problem too, but fixed it by going to Messages > ... > settings > advanced > phone number >update number

Thank you giltgrey.


this setting fixed my issue too.