OnePlus 10 Pro Android 13 Here!

  • 5 March 2023
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Looks like the update hit my phone last night! Haven't fully ran the update yet, but has anyone else gotten the update now? 


6 replies

I got it also.  T-Mobile stripped out the O-moji feature from the Global firmware for some reason.  Omojis allowed you to create avatars that looked just like you.  Similar to the Memojis on apple devices.  They used the camera to move and animate mimicking your face in real-time, even blinking, smiling, frowning, etc.  Shame.  Wonder what else they stripped out?

Just discovered something else broken with this release.  Those who take selfies using beautification features (LIKE ME) won’t be happy.  Using the beauty filter options when taking selfies makes the picture you take blurry and out of focus.  I’ve confirmed this in a variety of scenarios by turning the beauty filer on an off.  With the beauty filter turned on the resultant picture is out of focus/blurry.  In the viewfinder, you appear in focus, but after the picture is processed and you view from your camera roll, you’re blurry.  This is NOT to be confused with the skin texture being smoothed… I’m saying the picture is plain out of focus!  If you turn off the beauty feature, the picture is crystal clear and in focus.

Hate the new update.  Need a magnifying glass to see the folders.   Hate it hate it!!!

I haven't received it on my OnePlus 10 pro

I still haven't received the android 13 update?

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was your 10 purchased from TMO, brought in from another carrier or purchased carrier unlocked direct from OP?