Phone Notifications After Update

  • 10 December 2023
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Why do I need notifications on the bar for secure folder and when the business number details is on?

Please turn it off and let me choose what is important on my notification bar.

9 replies

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Your going to need to contact the manufacturer of the phone. I'm sure there's a way to turn it off doing a Google search to find it.


It is a Samsung S23 with fresh Tmobile update. The notifications are pink T's so I was thinking it should be a Tmobile issue.

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It's a Samsung update that they did for Tmobile. It's probably part of the December security update.

Just performed Jan. 2024 update.  Now I have a new secure notification from T-Mobile "content hidden". I have reset my phone it disappeared then comes back. I have turned off all notifications from T-Mobile still persits. Went to secure folder notifications are off. The notification is for enriched calling. Verified business call toggle. Tried turning off, no differences in notification icon.  


How do I get rid of it? 

Same here! Did update today (Jan. 18) and now this annoying little pink "T-Mobile" is showing in status bar. Annoying!!

Same thing here. I've been scouring the interwebs for a solution, nothing yet


This stuff p@#ses me off when companies force unnecessary stuff on you w no way out.

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If you are getting secure folder notifications you need to turn if off or disable secure folder. People have actually been talking about this about Secure folder for years.

Having the same issue since the update and I haven't been able to find a solution online yet.