Read receipt pop ups with every text

  • 11 January 2019
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I do NOT want read receipts and I have them turned off in settings but I get a pop up asking if I want read receipts turned on with every single text I send or receive.  It is very annoying. How do I stop the pop ups.


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11 replies

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Most messaging apps have the setting for which you can turn this off just depends on which phone you are using in the app. If you you can tell us which phone and app you are using we can help.

I do have it turned off in settings but every time I send a text I get a

pop.up asking of I want it turned on. How do I stop the pop ups

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If you you can tell us which phone and app you are using we can help.

Samsung galaxy S9. Don't know app, whatever came with the phone

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Advanced messaging: Samsung Galaxy S9

Looks like this is part of advanced messaging which itself cannot be turned off but the settings within it can be changed.

if like you say you have this turned off in settings and it is still happening perhaps you can clear the data for the app in your app manager within the phone's settings. then reboot. If that does not rectify the situation we would need to look at something else.

This is outrageous. I just had to get a new S9+ and i'm getting the same notification whenever i open a new message. My old S9+ never did this - i'm assuming this isn't fixable yet?

I've had a slew of problems since switching from verizon to tmobile just a few days ago including this one, it's driving me crazy


I have this problem on my OnePlus 8T 5G. I turn off read receipts, but it asks everytime and if I approve of one individual to get read receipts then everyone gets them, but it asks like I just want the one person to have read receipts turned on. Very frustrating. 

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which texting app are you using? you might try switching to a different texting app to see if it stops asking this or not.


I have a note 10+. I recently switched to tmobile.  When I switched , I stopped getting read receipts. How do I get them back? I don't have the option to turn them on with samsung message 

I have a S22. Whenever I text, emoji's of bunnies and ducks pop up. How can I get them off?