T-Mobile where is your support for Kyocera phones?

  • 14 February 2021
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Kyocera Duraforce Pro came to T-Mobile like other carriers. However everyone BUT T-MOBILE, got Android 7.0 update.

Duraforce Pro 2 comes out for Verizon and AT&T. No whispers of T-Mobile getting it.

Duraforce Pro Ultra 5G announced for Verizon this year. Yet unknown if exclusive, or just they get initial launch.


So what is going on with T-Mobile and Kyocera? Some of us have need for a rugged phone that doesn’t fall behind the times. Duraforce Pro is an excellent phone. So why did T-Mobile not allow an OS update LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE? And what is going on in the future with phones for T-Mobile? Not everybody wants an iPhone or a delicate Samsung. I’d rather use my old Motorola V360 or Nokia 2160i.

9 replies

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The manufacturer is responsible for when a device gets an update.  All T-Mobile does is offer up some bloatware and does a little testing for carrier aggregation.  If something doesn’t sell too well, you can’t expect T-mobile to keep offering their products.  I don’t know if that is the case but that is how sales work.  Some carriers also negotiate exclusive agreements for devices.  I would suggest contacting Kyocera to find out when your device is going to get an update.  Android 7 though…  I’m guessing that product is long beyond the end of life cycle.  


Thanks for the input. I just find it strange that all other carriers with the phone got the OS update, except T-Mobile. Will wait and see if perhaps they just skip past Duraforce Pro 2 and go to Duraforce Pro Ultra (perhaps after initial Verizon launch).

Don’t need the absolute latest software, as the brand focuses on durability a key factor for me. But as apps and features start to only support an OS only as old as the one after mine, I look into update options. If worse comes to wear I could go the phone carrier unlocked route.

I agree with this. I had the Duraforce Pro and was the reason I came to T-mobile. I am in desperate need of another rugged phone due to my activity level, etc These other phones just don’t cut it for me. I have no idea why T-Mobile and Kyocera can’t just have it on their service like the other carriers. The only option is to leave T-mobile to get a good rugged device since they won’t budge. I have asked numerous times. 


Since T-Mobile decided to be the only carrier that left the DuraFoce Pro on Android 6,where everyone else got Android 7, I contacted Kyocera. They cannot do anything about the OS update since that is carrier specific, and there are not currently plans for T-Mobile specific Kyocera phones in the near future, but they do have sell an unlocked model of the DuraForce Pro 2 that can be used on T-Mobile.

Friend of mine had the DuraForce Pro and just upgrade to the DuraForce Pro Ultra 5G and has been extremely happy with it. Still rugged, but they brought up all the other specs more in line with other sought after phones so it wasn’t sacrificing performance for durability. The DuraForce Pro 2 unlocked is a backup consideration if absolutely needed, though I am hoping an unlocked model of the newer one comes out since the Pro 2 is still a bit dated. Really would hate changing carriers after all this time, but I might have to in order to get the phone I need.

If Kyocera keeps the unlocked version updated and T-Mobile isn’t going to update the one I have, the unlocked may be the way to go. I’ve really liked my Kyocera and it’s held up to a lot.


I bit the bullet and went with the CAT S62 which is made for T-Mobile. So far am satisfied being that it is a rugged phone, and I don’t have to mess around with unlocked uncertainty. Plus, DuraForce Pro 2 was very outdated as well.


Still would have preferred the Ultra 5G. But this phone should last me at least a couple years.

I bit the bullet and went with the CAT S62 which is made for T-Mobile. So far am satisfied being that it is a rugged phone, and I don’t have to mess around with unlocked uncertainty. Plus, DuraForce Pro 2 was very outdated as well.


Still would have preferred the Ultra 5G. But this phone should last me at least a couple years.

I as well picked up the cat s62. On my second one due to soft ware problems. Aside from that I wanted to let a fellow s62 owner know what I just found out. The Qi wireless charging doesn't work and they have known this for some time now.  Plus it's not a 5G phone. They say they'll send an up date but I haven't seen one yet. Plus there's no one who knows anything about 5G for the s62 when you contact T-Mobile or call for support.. it's bull crap. Wouldn't have gotten it had I known this. Been looking at other mil spec phones from mult. Company's. 

Hi, I’m considering the Cat S62 phone, (would have liked the Pro’s thermal camera cuz I’m a tinkerer, but no 3.5mm headphone jack, and that’s one of my boxes).

How is the signal-strength ability of this phone?

Have you tried forcing Voice over WiFi? (WiFi calling)

AFAIK the S62 (non-pro) was sold by TMO, so it boots up with the T-Mobile logo and chime, right? So it should be able to do VoWiFi. I’m worried about VoWIFI provisioning (I’m in a rural zone and reliant on LTE bands (don’t care about 5G -- stinks anyway, only data bursts use 5G antennas, and call setups are still managed via 4G tech. I now have a Personal CellSpot mini-tower, which helps, but that will die if my ISP goes down.)

I’ve been down the road of trying to find the perfect phone that checks all my boxes, but may not be a TMO-sold phone, only to find that it only basically works, but not being a TMO-branded/sold phone it’s missing the firmware code necessary to provision VoWiFi or doesn’t have LTE band 71 (600MHz). That happened to me with an LG V50 (V60 is too darn big) and I’ve heard that’s the case with Sony Xperia’s as well (these phones have nice DACs).

Also, did you ever solve the Qi wireless charging on the S62?

BTW, I’m curious if anyone has tried the Cat S62 Pro on TMO, and if VoWiFi works?

(This thread is about Kyocera, but I saw two Cat S62 users chatting so thought I’d post here)


The Cat S62 is not 5G. Not something that can be software updated. Still so early in the 5G era that I’m not worried about it. Probably something to heavily consider the day it is time to replace this one though.

I liked the idea of the Pro’s FLIR camera. But it would have been more of a toy for me. But after working a tower with a FLIR, I was concerned about overheating. There is no wireless charging on that model. Plus if I recall correctly it has a shorter waranty then the T-Mobile one.


So yes, I did get the T-Mobile Cat S62. Haven’t replaced my wireless charger with a Qi type, since the Kyocera DuraForce Pro used Powermat Alliance (PMA). Finally got the expected update for Android 11. Would have preferred the DuraForce Pro Ultra 5G (still only for Verizon), but I am satisfied with this phone. And durability is holding up (from much unintended testing...). Was surprised by no 3.5mm jack, but I guess Bluetooth (wireless) is the priority, though I understand you can use earbuds that plug into USB-C. So can still go wired (less battery consumption) if desired.