• 1 February 2023
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Has anyone been having issues with sending text messages? All day, the icon spins to send messages and I have to restart my phone every time to get my messages to send. If I dont, I keep getting the message send failure notification. its really frustrating! 


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3 replies

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regular text or pic text/group texts? are any other things having issues on the phone currently? calls? data?


and what all have you attempted on your side to try and fix it? restart the phone? does the problem follow you no matter where you go (5 miles +/-)? on wifi? not on wifi?


Both group and regular. when i do a restart, the messages sometimes will send sometimes not. Its hit or miss. The problem is whereever i go with WIFI on or off. The same thing. I literally have tried everything. I was thinking it was something in a setting that was changed? Maybe an update I need to do? 


Things are ok with going on the internet. Sometimes it says I have no internet connection.


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if it says no net connection sometimes then the issue is either with your phone or possibly sim card..most texts will end up needing a data connection in order to send...if that connection isnt fully up to snuff then it’ll struggle to send/receive them. what phone do you have?


are there any other TMO phones around you? and are they seeing the same type of issues or are they working fine?