Two phones - one uses physical sim and one uses esim

  • 1 October 2022
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I have a zflip (physical sim) and an iphone 14 (esim). I put the physical sim card into my zflip and it detects all the contacts saved in it; however, no phone/internet service. How am I able to use my phone number and zflip? It seems like even when I turn off cellular or the esim on the iphone, my zflip does not have Tmobile service.

2 replies

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Same number?  If they are the same number than the physical sim is deactivated.  It will not work.  You’ll have to sign up for digits and then pair the new sim card.

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As mentioned, you can’t have a physical SIM and eSIM active for the same number at the same time.  If you activated your eSIM when you got the iPhone 14 for the number that your physical SIM had.  It deactivated the old pSIM and activated it as an eSIM.