Two Voicemail Notifications for Each Message

  • 13 March 2022
  • 5 replies


So I was Sprint and got the new T Mobile dual SIM card and had to download the T Mobile visual voicemail app. Ever since I get TWO voicemail notifications for each message. What's worse is one of them is DINGING like every 15 seconds until I stop everything I'm doing to listen to both of them. It renders the phone pretty useless for anything else. Can't hear the nav, music, or anything else just ding dong ding.


I saw a similar post marked resolved but it's not. Still no answer. And before a T Mobile rep says to call you guys, I'VE TRIED THAT! You won't take my calls about it because I'm still on Sprint billing. Been trying to take care of that problem too but that's another nightmare.



5 replies


Same here! Two copies but not getting the ding dings.


Can we maybe get an answer T-Mobile? Your service is beyond awful!

I'm going through the same thing. Tmobile is horrible now. Went downhill fast since partnership with Metro

Same issue here.  I get 3 vm notifications.  It's annoying as heck. Called tmobile..oh we can fix it.  Reset stuff..2 hours long... call us again. Still not fixed.  Oh call us so we can fix it.. no.  Enough is enough.  


I get 2 notifications as well, but i know exactly why. It's because i have regular voicemail, and i have visual voicemail. Do you all have visual voicemail as well? If so that's the reason why your getting 2 notifications. If so just disable notifications for visual voicemail, and that should solve your problem. If that isn't the case then i have no idea what could be causing that to happen other than the duel Sims you were speaking about. Either way good luck with your problem, and i hope it gets taken care of very soon. 🤞