unable to send file. it exceeds maximum file size

  • 27 April 2021
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I recently unlocked my phone , s10, from att and ported my number to t-mobile. Now I cant send ANY videos via text. I have tried shrinking the file, converting the file, and even added the APN port 80 and nothing works. this is the same video i sent using att and now i cant do it with t-mobile. how do i get this fixed, its pissing me off

2 replies

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Your phone supported RCS on your previous carrier which doesn’t carry over.  So the maximum size you can send is 1MB for MMS.  You’ll need to change your messaging app from the Samsung one to Google’s one which is universal.

I had a similar problem with OnePlus, but I uninstalled Samsung Text... Restarted phone re installed and wholla... It did a quick update and I sent a 2048mb video