Visual Voicemail won't Activate due to "Associated with another account"

  • 9 February 2021
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Has anyone had the same problem that I’m having?


I bought my brand new Tmobile branded Samsung Galaxy S20 plus direct from Samsung.

I’ve never had this problem with any previous phones that I’ve had.

Whenever I launch the visual voicemail app, it keeps on saying associated with different account.  Want to set up and activate? Yes or No

I click yes, then it activates.  And shows that it’s set up.

But as soon as I either close the program or just close the app window by swiping the app page up to close it, and then I tap on the app icon to launch it again, it shows me the same window saying associated with different account and if I want to activate.  (If I say no, then it just closes the window/program.)

I’ve talked to Tmobile about this.  The tech was very nice, even deleted my voicemail setup from their end to start it from scratch hoping it would clear up this error.

I’ve also deleted, uninstalled, cleared cache, at least 4 times and changes...once I install, same window and error comes up.

Anyone here have any suggestions what I should do?



16 replies

I have no idea on a fix but I am having the exact same issue.  No matter what steps I take (restart, uninstall, reset vm, delete cache, etc) I get that same message to set up everytime I open the app.  And the stock samsung one does not ever activate.  So annoying :( 

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Try to see if this works:

Go to settings > Apps> Visual voicemail > storage and wipe both the cache & the data of the app. Then, uninstall the app. Turn the phone completely off. Now, pushing BOTH the ON button & the VOLUME UP button at the same time until the phone vibrates then letting go of the ON button only, get the phone into Android boot mode. Using the VOLUME button to navigate and the ON button to choose, move down to  “Wipe system cache” and choose. When finished, choose “Restart (or Reboot) system” and the phone will restart. Now, download and install the Visual Voicemail app again.

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keep in mind that this will usually log you out of quite a few should not loose anything like you would with a factory reset though.


mainly just a FYI for the OP and second poster in case they have never attempted a cache wipe before.

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Really? :thinking:  I’ve never had that problem… What kind of phone are you using? Now, wiping data on an app will definitely log you out. However, a cache wipe just refreshes the app.

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its happened every time i have done it over the years..usually it’ll kick you out of all wifi connections and if memory serves the last time i did it it logged me out of things like FB and such.

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heck as is i have some device network reset/update codes i used to have people do over on the Sprint side (they work for TMO devices as well as far as i can tell) that i have avoided posting mainly since i have zero idea how its going to affect those that manually add in their Data/APN settings..didnt have to deal with that over at Sprint so trying to avoid any blow ups if anyone has to manually add them back after lol.

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I just did a cache wipe on my Note 20 Ultra (updated to UI 3.1) and NOTHING WAS LOST! I can’t imagine you don’t know this! :thinking:

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never lost anything..just usually had to re log into things once it was done.

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I stayed logged into all my WiFi’s and all my apps...even the financial apps...:thinking: . You are referring to wiping the cache partition, right? 

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same thing is happening to me on my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (unlocked).  I ended up turning battery optimization for the Tmobile visual voicemail app OFF.  But whenever I close that app or restart my phone, it will show that message again to reactivate my account.

Does not work for me.  Tried several times.

New S21 bought from T-Mobile and haven’t been able to set up visual voicemail yet. 

I have a new zflip, and I set up my visual voicemail with no problem when I got it a few months ago.  But just this last week or so, I have been having the same problem that the original starter of this post had.  I have tried just about all the same things mentioned above.  I spent time on the phone with the mobile tech, and it seemed to work for a minute. Then later when I tried to go into it, it did exactly the same thing saying it appears to be associated to a different account.  And I keep setting up a new account because, if you don’t, it won’t let you do anything else but logs you out.  Is there another way to use voicemail without having this specific app?  This is really getting annoying!

I'm having the same issue. Does anybody or tmobile have a fix??

Got same issue on my S21.

Tried sweetpeach’s instruction but it did not work. However it looks like you need to have the app installed and seeing the issue before clearing system cache.


Here’s what worked for me:

  • Install VVM app,

  • Get issue,

  • turn-off phone,

  • boot to recovery (by pressing and holding BOTH the ON button & the VOLUME UP button at the same time,  then letting go of both buttons when phone boots 

  • Using the VOLUME button to navigate and choose, “Wipe system cache”

  • When finished, choose “Restart (or Reboot) system”

  • open VVM APP,

  • Got prompt that VVM is DISABLED and dial 123 to check VM or ENABLE it in settings,

  • I enabled it.

  • closed APP,

  • Re-open APP, NO ISSUE or Prompt



I just switched to the Samsung S21 from iPhone and had the same issue.  Called T-Mobile (611) and the first person I spoke to knew exactly who to transfer me to (first time I’ve ever called that the person answering couldn’t resolve) and the tech who answered knew exactly what to do. 

He had me dial a code (sorry, I don’t recall what it was) and it was fixed.  Working perfectly now.  I have no idea if just the code fixed it or if he did something on his end, but with the hold between specialists, the call lasted no more than two minutes.