why do Securus calls not come through?


I have lately been having problems receiving calls from a jail using Securus. I do not receive calls at all the call doesn't come though it won't even ring. The Securus account has funds and is able to get through a different carrier. I have turned off all blocking features called customer service and reset all family allowances and still no calls come through. How do I fix this I need this to work

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Have you contacted Securus?  There was another thread about this and the said they called them and they fixed the problem.


I did and they are able to see the attempted calls so the issue is not on their end. The call on their end goes out. It's my line that doesn't receive them

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This is basically a user to user forum with some tmobile moderation that don't have so you're going to need to contact Tmobile support to see if they can help.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Open the TMobile Spam Shield - and look for the number and make sure it is set to “allow.”  I had never had it loaded but the number was marked as prison/jail by the app.


Hoping it works - i haven’t been able to answer anything.

You have already tried turning off all blocking features and resetting family allowances, but the issue persists. The next step would be to contact your phone carrier's customer service again and explain the problem. They may need to look into the issue further and possibly escalate it to their technical support team to resolve the issue.

I'm having the same issue but mine isn't with my TMobile cell phone .. it's my att home phone.... As you days Securus can see the attempted call but it never even shows in my call history.....the issue is with Securus somehow

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I'm about to sue the flipping cell phone company and securus over this bs. Everyone wants to blame someone else it's certainly not my issue it's the phone company's and the provider of the calls from a corrections facility. How tf do I pay both to blame one another 

I’m having the same problem I’ve been bounced between Tmobile and the security technologies. Customer Care both have done extensive inquiries into it and it’s looking more like it’s Tmobile ‘s fault. They’re blocking almost all phone calls from Tmobile . Customers secure says 80% of their daily calls from Tmobile customers with the same complaint, I’ve reset every setting possible. I’ve talked to customer support multiple times. I’m currently talking to them now very colorfully worded and angry and that’s barely getting me up to where I need to go. They told me it would be seven days before they get back to me as to why it’s happening. Why pay all this money for them to without consent or knowledge block the services that were paying for on top of paying to have the calls from the inmate from Securus ?? They sure are quick to shut off your service if you’re a day or so late, but it’s gonna take weeks??? which I have been calling about this for literally three weeks now.this is wrong and can’t be legal if someone knows of a national lawsuit or something let me know 5057300023 I’d like to join . .  

Same issue here with Securus, Tmobile, I have a S23 and my son has an iphone, calls go through to him no problem, he is able to press 1 to accept the call. My phone gets a call and I can answer but when I press 1 it doesn’t connect. Serious issue! Since they switched to Securus it has been a nightmare with Tmobile! I am also ready to switch as a friend had the same issue and went to Cricket and no issues. Sucks to be a customer for so long to have to switch after almost 20 years with Tmobile! 

Added stress to an already stressful situation~ 

We tried all the things that are detailed in many places regarding this issue... turn off scam blocking, etc.
Eventually we figured out a workaround to allow prison calls to a Tmobile phoneline.
I'm not going to do a detailed process, just the basic steps:
1) Set up a gmail/google account if you don't have one.  Tie your tmobile number to this account.
2) Then get a google voice number
3) Set up your tmobile number within Google voice - might already be there from step 1.
4) Set google voice number to forward to the Tmobile number.
5) Ensure the prison has the google voice number setup in the authorized list.
6) Prisoner now calls the new google voice number and it rings on your Tmobile line.

You can do this all from a PC, or could probably also do it from Google and Google Voice apps you can put on your phone.
NOTE - you need to use the google voice number at least once every 30 days to keep it active.  You should get a reminder in gmail if you don't.  You can keep it active by simply going into voice site and sending a text from the number or doing a call.

Securus advised to #632# on my phone and calls are now coming through. We will see how long this lasts. 

Securus advised to #632# on my phone and calls are now coming through. We will see how long this lasts. 

Just tried this...  hope it works!

It worked!  Thank you for posting!

You have to continue to do it as your phone switches towers..... it's been working for me too. 

You have to continue to do it as your phone switches towers..... it's been working for me too. 

I noticed that!  One call came through and the next didn't!  So I am dialing #632#!!