cellular data connection not working

  • 22 January 2024
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hello t Mobile i have a problem with my data cellular connection i have tried everything i can think of turning airplane mode on turning off my phone and turning it back on and turning off the airplane mode off turning on the mobile date connection still nothing can it the sim card that is not working or the data cellular connection that is not working 

3 replies

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its always possible. the sim card is what tells the phone which signals to look for.

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Did you purchase the device from T-Mobile or is it a BYOD?  Have you tried a network reset followed by powering off your devuce for at least 5 minutes to allow your device to refresh its connection to the network?

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Hi @Sarahjbrock83 Data connection runs practically everything on our phones now so not having that can really hinder your day-to-day. Were you able to get it working again. If so, we would love to know what you did so others could do the same if they have the same problem in the future.