Incoming phone calls say they are from Canada even though they are US calls


For the last week or so, all incoming numbers are displayed on caller ID as originating in Canada, but I can tell they are local USA numbers. How can I fix this?

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If these are Canadian businesses they usually have a US number that is transferred when they call.

I got a call from a business in Ottawa ,Canada today and it showed as a US number.


In this case, these are all actually US numbers. For example, one call was from a parent at my son’s school, and another was a local hospital. 

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In this case, these are all actually US numbers. For example, one call was from a parent at my son’s school, and another was a local hospital. 

My guess is they probably use some sort of call center routing or VOIP service to save costs.  

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Hmm, that’s odd but syaoran’s idea might be possible. If this is a call center routing, that would be something are engineers wouldn’t be able to change. You can have our Tech Care team file a Trouble Ticket, our engineers will respond with if it’s something we can update on our end or not.

My husband is also having this issue (started this week). Doctors, local businesses who are returning phone calls, etc. are showing as if they are originating in Canada. We even had a friend who isn’t in his contacts call his phone, and the same thing happened (showed her local phone number but then showed that it was from Canada). 

This definitely seems like an issue with the T-Mobile network. Since I have my phone set for unknown numbers to not ring through, I haven’t noticed the issue. 

This is also happening to me.  It is coworkers and other local area codes calling me, they are all showing Saskatchewan, Canada as the caller’s location.

Same thing is happening to me. All calls say Windsor, Canada even though they are real local calls. iPhone 11 user. 

I have the same issue as above, all calls say from somewhere in Canada. What are you doing to fix this T-Mobile??

Same issue for me, all calls say coming from Canada.  I’ve missed some calls because I assume these calls are spam and don’t answer them only to find out they are calls from local businesses.

For about the last 2 weeks my inbound calls show a local number identified as coming from Cat Island Canada. I had initially assumed it was a scam artist spoofing a local number and let it go to voicemail.

These incoming calls are actually individual potential customers who live near me. They are NOT businesses that use a call center but regular homeowners looking for some projects to get done.


I called 800-937-8997 TECH SUPPORT for help. Went through the verification process. The woman said there is no known issue and I have now been on hold 19 minutes while she “checks with someone else”.

I am also having this issue. All incoming calls show origination from Canada. I have not received any calls that are actually from Canada. This occurs for every phone call I receive.

I have the same issue, I was not answering calls thinking they were SPAM as the caller Id kept showing them as Canada, but there are genuine calls from New York, Texas and other parts of the US.
when the call is done and I look at the call history it correctly displays the state. And now I have to call back.

Its very annoying. Please fix.


I’ve also noticed this the past couple of weeks. I missed some work calls, a contractor calling me and unfortunately once I caught on the one I did answer was a solicitation. All were saying from Canada. iPhone 11 user. 

Yeah same thing happening to me. Calls from all over the country, all showing up as Canada. Using a iphone 12 pro max

This is happening to me as well. Been about a week or so. Whats going on?

All calls local and out of state show Canadian location but afterwards in recent calls it shows as actual number. What’s to be done as I am subject to spam calls or missing important calls. 

Same with me; local (from within the US) calls—spam or known callers—saying it’s coming from Canada.

T-mobile, this is clearly an issue from your end as it popped up for many of us without us changing anything on our ends.

Fix, please, soon. Thanks.

You can check the number at