iPhone 14 Pro Max sms issues

  • 27 January 2023
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I purchased my iPhone 14 pro max the day it came out. It worked great at first. In mid November I noticed I could receive sms texts from androids from another provider, but they would never receive my responses. There was no error on my phone indicating the message wasn’t delivered. I have gone into the T-Mobile store, contacted T-Mobile customer service at least a dozen times, and have gone into the Apple Store. The Apple Store ran diagnostics on my phone, and indicated the software and hardware are good. They informed me it was a network issue. I called T-Mobile informing them of what Apple said. I made sure my sms toggle was on, deactivated my esim, gotten a new esim, reset the network settings, done factory resets, literally everything you can do. The last time I called T-Mobile they finally submitted a trouble ticket for me. I haven’t heard from them since, that was about 3 weeks ago. I’ve called for an update, and provide the ticket number and customer service has me do all the check list trouble shooting, and literally has me start at the beginning. 

My mom is a Verizon user, and was having the same issue with her new IPhone 14 pro max. She took her phone into the Apple Store. Her tech told her that it was a Verizon issue, and she needed them to have the tech synchronize text messaging. They did it, and it was fixed instantly. 

I asked the customer service rep if they could try that. She said no, and they are different providers. While I understand they are different providers, they are having similar problems so wouldn’t they have similar solutions?

In November my online T-Mobile account and number was hacked; I don’t know if that has anything to do with my issue. All I know is I can’t communicate with people I need to. Does anyone have any recommendations or help to provide? I’m beyond frustrated, and not receiving any support from T-Mobile. 

2 replies

I hope you get it figured out. I am having the same issues with my iPhone 14 Pro.  Most people are not receiving my SMS messages. I went to the T-Mobile store and they did everything they had me do for you and when they couldn’t fix it, they told me I needed to call 611 for customer support and if they couldn’t do it, then I needed to request a warranty phone.  


So I called customer support and they did their things, and had me check the same settings and then when they couldn’t fix it, they connected me to tech support.  Tech support also couldn’t get it figured out so they referred me to Apple to get a waranty replacement phone, but Apple told me they only provide replacement phones for hardware issues, and that my issue was with my service provider.  I was on the phone between 4 different people for 3 hours and it was a run around at the end where Apple just refered me back to T-Mobile and T-Mobile referred me to Apple. Problem is still not fixed.


I didn’t have this problem with my previous phone, which was an iPhone 12 Pro Max. My wife who uses a Samsung phone doesnt have this problem.  My mom who is also on the plan and has an regular iPhone 14 doesn’t have this problem.


I think it’s interesting that another iPhone 14 Pro user has also had this problem.  I still don’t have a solution and it’s very frustrating.  People, except for my wife, don’t receive my SMS messages.  They di receive the apple iMessage though and most of my friends have iPhones, so at least I’m still able to communicate with them, but my gardener, pool guy, auto mechanic, and various relatives and some friends can’t receive sms text messages from me right now.

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I eventually did get it fixed after I filed a complaint with the FCC. It was definitely a T-mobile issue. One of their advanced techs had to reset something on their end in order for it to start working again. I know I wasn’t the only experiencing this issue so I wish they’d train their employees on what to do with these similar complaints. If I were you I’d file a complaint with the FCC.