msg code 2300

  • 19 November 2020
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Hello! I have an iPhone 8 and suddenly i keep getting a msg code 2300 saying my recipient’s are unable to receive my messages. Firstly, they ARE receiving my messages normally, and i checked my profile settings on my account and the only message blocking i have active is against Spam. Anyone know how to fix this issue? I have already restarted my phone several times and this is a new thing i woke up to recently. Thanks! 

11 replies

I am getting the same thing.

I also have the same issue. If the message and recipent are green, I get the 2300 blocking code. It just started a week ago. i have latest updates, 2 party authentication, everything else works. Have he problem with single and group recipients

I have the same problem.

I went to a TMobile store yesterday and the associate logged into my account on the TMobile app and found that the messages box was marked to block messages. One click and it was resolved.

I have the same issue.  I got two texts today from number 2300 saying my recipient’s are unable to receive my messages.  I checked my T-Mobile app in the “Block calls and messages” section, and the “Block Messages” row says, “On: none,” which I think is the same as saying, “off.”  So, why did I receive two of those messages, if I am supposedly not blocking anyone’s texts? Could this be happening because I blocked an unknown person from out of my state, who tried to call me recently?

I have just started having this problem in the last couple of days. I have not changed anything on my account and checked blocked messages and calls and they say that same, on: none. 

What is the fix?

I chatted with a rep and he adjusted some settings and fixed it! He didn't know how or why it happened but it is fixed!!

I started having this same issue today, 6/25, receiving a code 2300 after sending several text messages. I have the iPhone 14 Pro Max and I have the latest software update 16.5.1, installed on my phone. My text messages were received and I have not blocked anyone or have been blocked by anyone. They are all in my contact list. I turned my iPhone off and on to restart, but I am still having this same issue. Can someone explain how to fix this problem. Thanks.

What’s the solution?

I get the 2300 blocking code. It just started a week ago. i have latest updates, everything else works. No numbers are blocked and all numbers are in my contacts.  I have checked imessages and done a hard restart and reset network.  It happens iphone users sometimes and all the time for android users.


what is the fix this is absurd. It started on my phone too and no one is listed to fix and customer care. Can’t fix mine