Porting in from AT&T - can't receive calls

  • 16 August 2022
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I recently ported an AT&T cell phone number to Sprint T-Mobile (I’m a legacy Sprint customer).  However, the phone cannot receive calls. It is an iPhone XR.  When calling the number, the message states that the phone number is not in service.  Everything else works - outgoing calls can be made and the number/phone receives and sends texts, FaceTime works for both incoming and outgoing.   We have been to the T-Mobile store and they have been on the phone with the help line. In addition, we have called the help line three times.  No one can figure out the problem to be able to fix it.  All of the phone’s settings are set to allow incoming calls, i.e. DND for voice is turned off.    Any suggestions from anyone?

5 replies

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when you make an outgoing call does the caller ID show your number or a different number? wondering if you have a temp number until yours is fully ported over?

Thank you for your quick reply.  When making an outgoing call the caller ID shows our number, not the temp number.  

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I always thought been a while since I ported a number

calling in = temp number

calling out = ported number


It can take up to 48 hours, but often takes less than 24 hours to complete the port. Generally in most cases should take a couple hours.

Thanks.  It has been nearly 72 hours.

Hi, I just ported my phone number from att this morning and got the same issue. Would like to know is there a resolution for this problem?