reporting scam email survey?

  • 19 September 2022
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Received email from “T-MOBILE”   Sender was it was a few question survey for an iPhone 14 pro for just the cost of shipping $4.95

sorry for image quality. Moisture in camera 


4 replies

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This link will give you the steps to report it.

Received an email stating I won an iPhone pro from t-mobile. Asked to pay shipping and enter card information. Email and sender looks like a legitimate email. How did my information get leaked from t-mobile?

And all I have to do is take a short survey and pay $10 in shipping 🤷🏼 I did click the link and took the survey but didn’t enter any information for shipping or payment. I like how they added a bunch of reviews of people who got their free iPhone 14 Pro with pictures and all, very convincing. I reported it!  


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Too much scamming now days.