Virtual Prepaid Visa Debit Card

  • 14 December 2021
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Why is can’t I use my virtual card through my Apple Pay without a Pin number? I was never offered a PIN number with this card? The card will not let you choose credit, only debit, but then they want a PIN number and I don’t have one!! This is very frustrating! I would also like to be able to transfer the card balance to my checking account. They make that impossible as well! If there is anyone that can help, please!!!


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14 replies

Following having the same issue some places it will ask for a pin.

Same problem here!

even without Applepay, just safari/chrome with laptop. Visa virtual debit card does not work!

Same here.  Quite frustrating.  It did work at a particular restaurant I dined at and no PIN was required.  Using it at Whole Foods was a bust.

Same issue here


You can set a pin on the card companies web site or on their phone support. But even with the pin all my apple pay transactions using the card get rejected and the card company say they have no record of the transaction attempt.

I am having the same problem. I called TMobile and they connected me with the debit card company but she just hung up on me when I kept asking her how to setup the pin number. I really need to access this money to pay off my other cell bill but there is no way to use this money. I got it to work at Pet Smart, one time. Everywhere else since the transaction says declined, even if it doesn’t ask for my pin.

Same issues, only able to use to pay T-mobile bill or Amazon.  Only once for each, so next time TBD.  Card website does not have phone#

Did anyone get their issue resolved? I just got my virtual mastercard and my money is basically held hostage. I’ve tried making purchases at different sites and they all get declined. 


You need to call this number 18774827763 then dial 1 for English and 6 to set your pin. Make sure to set up the pin BEFORE you try to use the card. If you don't the merchant will freeze the card. If it's a mastercard you can call sunrise bank to unfreeze the card or go into a local T-Mobile store and they have the merchants direct phone numbers. Hope this helps. (Yes it's stupid the run around they make you do to use the money)

Had the same frustrating experience as others (and embarrassment of having it declined at the store!). Had a digital card so no “back” to get number. Thanks to BrandonLK for providing number: 1-877-482-7763 . It can be used to set or reset a pin number after selecting prompts to General Information. 

Thansk BrandonLK

That worked flawlessly.  I used the card once at a restaurant and it worked the second time after getting declined once. Then declined everywhere else due to 📌 request.. 

Call the number provided above, go through the prompts, option 6 for pin, and set.. 🤙

Enter the virtual card info in Venmo, and send the money to yourself or your spouse, then send it to your bank account.

I was having these issues as well, my real problem was that my phone TCL doesn't support the tap and pay feature. I had to sign in on my daughter's iphone13 so she had control of all my money.... Frustrated to no end.