Why does group Texting with non-apple devices not work

  • 10 October 2023
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Can’t get group texting to working with T-mobile and apple phone when there is a non-apple phone person in the group text.  This is really frustrating and while I really like T-Mobile’s clear billing, pricing, etc (actually been very satisfied with most other aspects), I am looking at going back to ATT or a low cost carrier as this lack of group texting functionality is quite frustrating.


I talked with tech support, created a ticket, etc back in February 2023, they still haven’t been able to resolve the issue.  Not willing to call again and burn 1-2 hours trying to trouble shoot the issue anymore.

4 replies

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this isnt an issue that happens to everyone. im in a ongoing for a year group text with one 2 other Android phones and 2 apple phones with zero issues..numerous texts to them with my Android phone to apple phones. no issues.


Yeah, I figured that was the case. Likely a sms server or other setting that they just can’t / don’t want to fix for my case. Shame they’ll likely churn a customer for what is probably a quick fix 

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so this has been a ongoing issue across the board when it comes to carriers when it comes to Android/Apple devices running into issues texting each other.


one thought though and i havent dug back to confirm but from what i can tell most i have noticed running into this was with a different carrier prior and when they switched they started having could some of the former phone number/account be still in the prior carriers system and mixing things up a bit from time to time? i just know i have never ran into it but havent done any carrier swaps so it could just be coincidental. with issues..with issues..the wife and step kids are on son is with ATT..and obviously im with issues with group texts or any texts to or from them.

I have had the same issue for months! I thought it was my phone needing an upgrade even tho I only had an iPhone 13. But I got a new phone on Saturday and I’m still having the same issue. I spoke to support online, they couldn’t figure it out. I spoke with a supervisor and they couldn’t figure it out. And unfortunately the T-Mobile store in my town no longer has techs to work on phones. So I guess I’m just stuck. For me it’s not one certain android user. It’s any time I am in a group with an android user or an android user texts me with a link or something like that