$10 increase in auto-pay

  • 28 July 2023
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I just want to vent my displeasure and annoyance with the new increase on the auto-pay. I’ve been a customer with sprint for 20 years, been using credit card to pay the monthly charges for many of those years. I think it’s total BS that you want to force people to switch payments and making people pay direct from their banks. Some of us pay on time every month using credit cards, to reap the benefits of earning reward points or cash back. If $10 a month extra, or $120 a year extra, is the cost of doing business on a credit card with you. Then we may be switching providers to another who doesn’t punish those who make payments using their credit cards. I’m sure I’m not the first or last person to bring this to your attention, and I hope you all realize that losing business to make an extra $10 punishing your customers for their payment methods is a really stupid move

3 replies

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I canceled my watch line to save $15. Rep asked why I was canceling and told him that with the change of autopay this saves me some money.

Rep said they were getting a lot of cancelation of wearable plans.

FYI,  AT&T and Verizon are raising prices, even the grandfathered plans. Also Verizon only accepts their credit card for autopay discounts.

I too was outraged and ready to leave T-Mobile over it, even after learning I could use my debit card with less risk than my bank account, but still more than with my credit card. The other person on my account is less concerned about security (and has less to lose) opted to pay the bill with their debit card.

We’ll see how that works out. Wonder if I will still get automatic notifications when the bill gets paid.

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I  just called customer service, the rep told me 86% of her calls are complaints about this auto pay change. I told her I was going to switch back to paper billing! If we all switch back to paper it will cost T Mobile more than they’re saving by eliminating the credit card auto pay discount.