Being charged for phones i have returned and TMobile refuses to do anything

  • 30 June 2023
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From one of my multiple chats with TMobile:

Essentially this: I was a Sprint customer.  After transition to TMobile, my wife and I upgraded our 13 pro Mac phones to 14s with TMobile.  We were told multiple times via chat and in person at store that we would no longer be paying on the 13s once traded in.  You can even check these chat logs for guarantees that we will no longer pay for these phones.  You guys now own the 13s.  We will not be paying on these phones as we no longer own them: you do.  If this can’t be resolved today (as this is my 5th time attempting to resolve this), we’re looking to turn these phones in, leave TMobile, and contact the BBB.  I don’t mean to be rude, but I do mean to be direct.


update: last rep said that employees had lied to me and that I had no choice but to pay a lease on devices owned by TMobile.  Is this a legal issue at this point?

1 reply

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This is primarily a peer help forum for customers to seek help from other customers.  No one here has access to your account or any of these details.  You will need to address the issue with Customer Care at 611 or by sending a DM to T-Mobile on Facebook or Twitter.