false advertising

  • 29 November 2023
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l have spent the past 3 weeks, about 10 hours on the phone with customer care trying to fix a mistake that was made by a representative. I upgraded to Go 5g next and traded my iPhone 13 in for the $1000 off the 15pro max. She apparently used jump even though I only owed $133 on the 13. When it was noticed I offered to pay the $133 and was lied to repeatedly saying it all looks ok and I will still receive the promotion, and now am being told I have to send my phone in today or I’m out of luck. This means I will not have a phone for up to 3 weeks while they send me back my 13. I have spoken to multiple managers today and am told that they have no power to help me.I cannot be without a phone for 3 weeks as I have small children and a business that depends on me having access to a high end phone. I have been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years. This has go get resolved I’m not going to just let it go. I have waisted enough time and energy on this issue. If it is not resolved shortly I will be reporting it to the fcc, bbb, all of social media, and eventually taking it to small claims court as T-Mobile also has a clause in their paperwork prohibiting class actions. I am certain I am not the only person this has happened to but at this point I am invested and plan on seeing it through.

1 reply

Ive also had an issue close to this one. I upgraded 3 phones to the 14 pro max in septemper when 15 was released. They tried to ask for a 700 dollar down deposit for the 15 even with trade ins. After getting new phones one of them could not be activated for about a week because some fraud alert that was on my account before when Tmobile didn't do their job and protect my identity allowing my phone to be hacked 2 times. Now not only did that happen but now when I went to make my first payment with the new phones they are telling me that my first bill this month is about 700 buck and total balance of 1200 which makes no sense because I've never been behind on my monthly bill. Very frustrating and I'm ready to cancel my account after about 4 years.