How does extending a payment date work?

  • 30 September 2023
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I need to extend the payment date for my latest bill but I’m unsure how it works. I don’t think I can make a successful payment on time with the current payment date so I need an extension or I’ll lose service (and then I really won't be able to pay my bill).


If I can extend the date like a week or two, how does that work? I’ve looked at the ‘’Payment Arrangement’’ options and it looks good so far but I don’t know if I’m actually eligible for an extension or if I’ll keep my service until the new due date. Also, will I be able to go back to normal payments after this one? I don’t expect to need another extension, it’s just for this one payment.


Thank you for your time.

1 reply

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There are a lot of factors that go into a payment extension.  How much the bill is that you need an extension on, credit worthiness, payment history, etc.  Payment extensions sill can incur late payment fees.  Contacting Customer Care at 611 or reaching out to T-Moible via DM on Facebook or Twitter can get you the best answer for your situation.