I've not a clue what this notification means. I've made no changes to my services.

  • 3 July 2023
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Quote from account page:

“Pending Change


A rate plan or service change is pending for Multiple Lines”

Could this be the upcharge if I don’t use debit or bank account to pay my monthly bill? If so, geez, why don’t they say so?

3 replies

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If you personally haven't made a change to your plan or purchased equipment that would be my guess.

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I just got a text about a rate change for type of payment.

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loss of promo..not so much an upcharge..your monthly bill for each device is still the same minus the CC Auto pay discount...wonder if T will do the same as V and do some weird CC card of their own that can be used..


so for what its worth with V in order to get their Auto pay discount you must pay with debit, bank info or their own CC card through V.



ATT still takes CC cards though and i believe gives a discount