Lied to by 2 customer service agents

  • 9 August 2023
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I called in to ask why my bill was so much higher than what I was promised. The agent just added a payment extension to my account without even asking me, or telling me. My husband was in the hospital having spinal surgery at the time, so when I finally checked my phone and saw the arrangement the agent had made, I called back. The second agent told me he would give me until the 17th to make a payment. It was a huge relief seeing as I am the only one working and trying to make ends meet. This morning T-Mobile called and said that the agent who set up the 17th deal had lied to me, and that this is all my fault, none of their own. I could not believe a manager would talk to a customer that way but Tamara did!! I do not understand how you pay these people to work for you, and they promise you something and T-Mobile calls and says :oh they can not do that” and swipe the deal we had made right out from under me. I do not recommended this company to anyone, because 1 person will tell you something and then you will get a phone call saying oh they can not do that. They place the blame on me, when all I did was call and talk to someone. The bills are never what you are quoted, always so much more. The whole taxes and fess included is a blatant  lie. I will be switching carriers and never looking back at T-Mobile for anything 

3 replies

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Same thing. They had no service and cancelled and now they want me to pay everything in full. When it was supposed to be free. They lied. And I bbb them and it got partially fixed. Now I complained to fcc and bbb again because they sent me to collections and don't tell me an exact charge they are charging me 

Customer service agents lied to me too, at the minimum very deceiving.  I contacted about them before about their policies about removing the autopay discount for credit cards.  After suggesting I will likely be leaving for another carrier, they said they would grant me an exception, and requested that I stay.  Turns out this was declined and they never told me.  I received an automatic notification stating my discount was now removed.  When I contacted customer service today and explained, they said they do see that prior promise in the chat logs but cannot honor it.

I spoke to the customer service agent “Jhonconrad” who was not helpful at all other than confirming their deceitful practices.  All they had to say the first time was there will be no exceptions or inform me that it was declined instead of wasting my time.  I’ve already looked at the other major carriers and there are very comparable plans, even cheaper since they offer huge plan credits for bringing over your device, plus credits for autopay WITH credit cards.  I will be leaving T-Mobile, kudos to Jhonconrad

Since they aquired Sprint they have been nothing but a pain in the ASSSSS... to many fees and late fees to boot, In the early days they where much easier to work with now there gouging. I’ve been a customer for over twenty years. SAD...